And then—I floor it.

Lil’Bit, Paula Vogel, How I Learned to Drive

disturbing play. hard to get through. but the final line was worth it.

When you read a book, you got to create your own scene. You got to take the words and use your imagination. Television does that for you. The sets are there. The characters have faces. Everything is laid out. All you do is enjoy the action without having to do any of the work. Use all the brain, that grey matter, to build you a scene. You don’t have to do that anymore. Television does it for you. So when you turn the TV set off and it comes time to apply that grey matter, that imagination is creating something, you can’t because you never did to begin with. So all you can do is copy. So you copy what you see instead of creating your own.

Dorian Corey

taken from a bonus feature of the documentary, Paris is Burning.